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Reflections on Male Writers and Jersey Shore

Jameelah Lang

Maybe it's because I've been watching too much Jersey Shore, but lately I've been thinking about the world in terms of manliness. Don't you judge me. On Jersey Shore, the guidos try to figure out who is the manliest and sexiest through a series of manly…

Nonfiction Mash-Up: The Paris Review Archives

Jessica Wilbanks

For the past year or so, The Paris Review Interviews has been hanging out in my Amazon shpping cart, but at $40, the price of the four-volume boxed set was a little too steep for my graduate school budget. So I was delighted to read in a recent New York…

Girl Genius

Aja Gabel

Last week, I showed my Mad Men-virgin friend (yes, they still exist) the pilot episode, the one in which Pete tells Peggy in Don Draper's office that it wouldn't kill her to show her ankles more. After the episode, my friend asked me, with a dose of skepticism,…